1. Personal appearance, for first-time applicants;

  2. Duly accomplished visa application form (see downloads tab);

  3. Presentation of original Passport/Travel Document and submission of photocopies of passport’s data page. Passport must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines;

  4. Round-trip ticket and hotel booking; 

  5. Photocopy of Qatar Residence ID/Permit (must be at least 3 months valid);

  6. Letter of Guarantee from employer/sponsor which should include details such as position, salary, validity of current employment contract, and no objection to the applicant’s planned travel to PH;

  7. Computer ID of Company;

  8. Proof of financial capacity through submission of bank statement for the past 6 months;

  9. Submission of two (2) ID photos  (2 x 2 size);

  10. Other supporting documents which may be required, such as police clearance, invitation letter, and marriage contract.

  11. For Recruitment purposes, submission of a job order and recruitment agreement (demand letter) duly verified by the Philippine Labor Office (POLO) – Qatar, and a certification issued by POLO.

  12. Payment of Applicable Fees:

Visa Fee for Non-restricted Nationals

Single entry valid for 3 months    QR 160.00 
Multiple entry valid for 6 months   QR 240.00
Multiple entry valid for one (1) year   QR 360.00

 Visa Fee for Restricted Nationals

Single entry valid for 3 months   QR 160.00 
Multiple entry valid for 6 months   QR 320.00
Multiple entry valid for one (1) year   QR 480.00


For more details on the general guidelines on the entry of temporary visitors/tourists to the Philippines, please go to the link